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Students - SEP Takes on Princeton Model Congress Posted Nov. 24, 2015
This past week the St. Edmund Prep Model Congress Team traveled to Washington DC to compete in Princeton Model Congress. The team which has doubled in size since its initial showing last February at Harvard consisted of seniors Shelby Lau and Amanda Mattioli, juniors Joshua Beaton, John McCarthy, Anastasia McGrath, Marissa Moran, Gerald Rehill and sophomore Jared Rios.

Together with the help the non-traveling members of the team, they showed up on Thursday the 19th ready for the challenge. Among the country’s elite students from private schools stood our delegation proud in their purple and white. The eight students assumed their roles as Representatives and Senators and fought for the bills they drafted the weeks before the competition. Bills ranging from the introduction to a new type of nuclear energy to taming the actions of China in the South China sea to amending Obamacare and reenacting postal banking, the SEP students were nothing but spectacular as they defended their bills and managed to get six of their eight passed in their individual committees.

From there the students moved on to Full House and Senate meetings there the merits of proposed bills were debated in a large group setting. The SEP team waved their placards high and voiced their pros and cons whenever given the opportunity. All eight made their voices heard by giving passionate speeches and sound advice regarding the constitutionality of the bills.

For four days, these young men and women assumed the role of policy makers and took that knowledge with them on a tour of the Capitol building provided by Charles Schumer’s office. Seeing government in action was an experience these students will never forget and will motivate them as they get ready for Harvard Model Congress in February 2016.
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Parents - Guidance News Posted Nov. 12, 2015
The Guidance Department has launched a revised version of the Guidance section of our website. In coming weeks, there will be news for each grade level on a variety of topics ranging from PSAT's and college applications to Guidance Groups.

To access the Guidance News, click the more information link below, or go to the "Guidance Office" link under the Academics Tab at the top of the screen.
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Info - Fall 2015 St. Edmund Magazine Posted Sep. 18, 2015
In the Fall 2015 edition of the St. Edmund Magazine we highlight the exciting academic and extracurricular achievements of our students over the past several months and congratulate the newest members of the St. Edmund Athletic Hall of Fame. We are also pleased to announce Project 2474, a challenge grant started by the Class of 1965 and 1970 to enhance the appearance of the facade of our school. We hope you enjoy reading about all the latest happenings here at St. Edmund Prep. Click the More Information link below to read our latest issue.

If you do not receive a copy of the magazine in the mail and wish to join our mailing list, contact our development office using the contact link below.
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Athletics - Varsity Volleyball Captures Title Posted Nov. 9, 2015
The 5th time's the charm! After making the GCHSAA Brooklyn/Queens Championship game for the 5th straight year, the Varsity Volleyball team defeated St. John's Prep in 3 sets to take home the diocesan title on November 4th at St. Joseph's College! Congratulations Ladies and Coach Wheeler!
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Students - SEP to Take Action Against Hunger Posted Oct. 1, 2015
This school year, St. Edmund Prep has taken up the cause to bring awareness to poverty and hunger in our community. Each "A Day" students will be challenged to restrict their spending for food and other non-travel expenses to $2.00 per day, the definition of moderate poverty as defined by the World Food Bank. Students will be further challenged to consider donating a portion of the money they would normally spend in a day to a charity fighting hunger and poverty in our community.

We believe that even the smallest of actions can make a real difference in the lives of so many. At St. Edmund Prep, we will take action to help solve hunger. #HungerAwarenessChallenge #SEPFamily
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