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Education Program

Our Education Program is a two-year program designed to support young men and women who are interested in education-related careers.  Students will develop the skills and strong leadership traits that are found in high-quality educators.  Students will become active members of the Future Educators Association (FEA), a national organization for prospective educators.  All members will participate in field work in various classroom settings in both elementary schools and high schools.

Junior Year Courses

Foundations in Education
This is the first in a sequence of courses designed for students who are interested in exploring careers in education.  Students will be introduced to the history, development, organization, and practices of preschool, elementary, and secondary education.  Students will utilize problem-solving techniques and participate in hands-on activities to develop an understanding of course concepts.  Students will visit local schools to observe various classroom settings. 

Exceptionalities and Diversity
This course will cover historical, legal, and practical issues for providing educational services to students with special needs.  This course will also examine the demographics, culture, attitudes and values of diverse populations being served in education and training environments.  Course content includes effective methods of motivational theory, classroom discipline, management, educational policies and different learning and teaching styles.  Students will be given real world learning opportunities and instruction related to the education profession. 

Senior Year Courses

Educational Psychology and Learning
This course will cover credentials, statistics, trends, assessment strategies and test preparation for education.  This course will examine the challenges confronting education settings, historical philosophies of education, effective teacher attributes, legal and ethical issues and influences from around the world. This course also provides information and activities based on the NYS Core Curriculum. Students will be required to create exemplars and tasks based on all subject areas.  Students will participate in observations of various classrooms and be provided with an opportunity to practice techniques.

Human Growth and Development
This course will focus on various physical, cognitive, social, emotional and moral development and culture influencing human growth and development.  Teaching techniques and meeting the needs of all students will be explored.  Students will participate in field work in various classroom settings.  In this course, students will be required to identify a problem in the educational field, research the topic and design a potential solution that may result in positive change.