Exploration Day

Exploration Day

Exploration Day 2020 has been cancelled.

Let’s use our city, the greatest city in the world, New York City as our classroom!  Exploration Day is a series of trips/events coordinated by faculty/staff members which expose students to a wide variety of experiences.


All students will sign-up for a trip/event of their choice. Exploration Day is not a day-off from school.


How much does Exploration Day cost?

For most trips, there is a charge of some kind. Each trip is different. Some trips are free, while others might vary from as little as $5.00 to greater amounts. The price of lunch is not included on most trips. Therefore, you will want to bring extra money for lunch. If you wish to pay by check, please make all checks payable to St. Edmund Prep.


What trips will be available?

Over 20 trips will take part in different cultural, educational, social, and recreational aspects of New York City. The complete list is posted to the right. As trips close, they will be listed below.


How do I sign-up for a trip?

  • Bring both your completed, parent-signed permission slip and payment to the Lead Teacher for the trip. A student is not guaranteed a spot until they have submitted their permission slip and any necessary money. There are limited spaces on each trip. Once it is filled, it is filled and you must find another trip.
  • If a student has a completed permission slip for a trip which closes before they are able to register with the Lead Teacher, a new permission slip will be needed to register for a different trip. Permission slips can not contain crossed-out information.


Other items of note

Dress Code: For most trips, the dress will be casual. However for certain trips, different attire is more appropriate (e.g. Broadway Show) Check with the trip listing and the teacher chaperones to be certain.

Student ID: Some trips require a student ID. Look carefully at the list. if you need one and lost yours, you must request a replacement ID.

Images of Exploration Day 2018