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2021 Emmaus Retreats

The Emmaus Retreat is our highly successful, and incredibly meaningful retreat program for juniors and seniors. Over the past 16 years, we have conducted over 70 Emmaus Retreats, with over 1,500 people attending! We've had a number of juniors and seniors ask us: "It's finally our turn?! Will we get to go?"
Good News!
The Campus Ministry Team has been working very hard to see if we can provide an Emmaus Retreat experience that many of you have been asking about! And we think we have it! A number of other schools have successfully modified their three-day retreat programs for COVID, and St. Edmund Prep feels that we, too, will be able to do the same! (the program will be open to juniors and seniors from all cohorts, including fully-remote.)
During the Spring, 2021 semester, we plan to conduct:
  • Boys' Emmaus Retreat (April 28 - 29)
  • Girls' Emmaus Retreat (April 14 - 15)
Next Steps?
We need to know who is interested in attending, so we can keep the ball rolling! If you would like to make The Emmaus Retreat, please complete the interest form above. Don't worry - this is not a firm commitment, or a signup by any means!. We will certainly meet after this to provide more details, planning, etc. We will have a level meeting soon to discuss further details.

Questions? Please feel free to stop-in, or email any of us. For more information, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about The Emmaus Retreat, you may visit this website:

Ask your friends who have gone - they'll tell you it's an experience you certainly don't want to miss!

~ Deacon Andy, Father Mike, Father Mark, Mr. AP, Mr. CP, Mr. O'Donnell

Some Preliminary Details
  • The retreat will take place over *TWO* consecutive weekdays; students will be excused from classes with the commitment to make-up any work missed
  • We will utilize a retreat house in the Bath Beach/Gravesend section of Brooklyn; the facility will be professionally cleaned prior to our group's arrival
  • Retreatants will not sleep-over at the retreat house; all will be responsible to transport themselves to the retreat house on Day 1, and will be picked-up on the evening of Day 1; the retreat program will pause as everyone sleeps in their own home; again on Day 2, all will transport themselves to the retreat house in the morning, and be picked-up on the evening of Day 2; all participants will perform their usual MyMedBot screening questions prior to arrival each morning, and temperature checks will be taken each morning as well.
  • All those making the retreat will wear masks, and maintain appropriate distancing; hand sanitizer will be readily available
  • We will not cook our own meals; instead, food will be professionally prepared in advance, off-site and individually packaged
  • All those making the retreat must be able to show evidence of a negative COVID test within three days prior to the retreat
  • As of now, the cost would be approximately $135; this would cover all facilities, food, and retreat materials