Emmaus Society Class of 2018

The end of an era arrived at St. Edmund Preparatory High School as John P. Lorenzetti announced his retirement in spring of 2017.  All told, Mr. Lorenzetti served the Prep community with distinction for nearly thirty years – seven years as a religion and English teacher and twenty-two as Principal of St. Edmund Prep – the majority of his forty-eight years as a Catholic educator.

As a young teacher, Mr. Lorenzetti made his mark through moderating the Student council, instituting a peer counseling program and most notably, co-producing large theatrical productions which became a hallmark of St. Edmund High School during the seventies.  It was at this time that John espoused the Dominican tradition of Caritas in his teaching, learning that the welfare of the individual student was far more important than any subject at hand.

After a stint at Nazareth Regional High School where Mr. Lorenzetti moved up the ranks in varying administrative positions, John Lorenzetti returned to St. Edmund in 1994 to become the tenth principal of St. Edmund Preparatory High School.  He shepherded its transition to a co-educational institution. As principal, the school’s population flourished, growing from 200 to over 700 students. Most notably, it was Mr. Lorenzetti who introduced a music education program, established our first student-exchange program; he oversaw the first investment in educational technology, installing smart boards and renovating several computer labs.  He was a key figure in establishing the consortium with local Catholic grammar schools allowing 8th grade students to study in advanced Math and Science classes in preparation for Regents’ credit. He oversaw major plant renovations including the three science labs, a library and media center, and the new wing. It was Mr. Lorenzetti who decided to become an International Baccalaureate World School, elevating our academic standards as dictated by this world-renown program. The Emmaus Retreat Program, the summer outreach program and the Hunger Awareness Campaign and its subsequent pilgrimage to Cuba, all happened under his careful watch.
While it is impossible to list all of the Prep’s advances under his leadership, he will be known as the captain who righted the ship and took St. Edmund High School to new vistas it had never conceived of in its humble beginnings.  For this, we are eternally grateful.
Mr. William McMahon is a true champion of St. Edmund Preparatory High School and a tireless advocate of the study of Mathematics and Science.   After reading a newspaper article about the disparity between boys and girls in the study of Math and Science, Mr. McMahon felt compelled to do something about it.  At the time, he approached St. Edmund Prep with a simple idea:  he would like to provide a yearly scholarship for a female student who excelled in the Sciences with the hope that they would be encouraged to purse their studies in college and beyond.  This proposal was greeted with a resounding yes!
Since 2006, Mr. McMahon has awarded a $1,000 scholarship to a female student who exhibits a passion for science.  In 2011, Mr. McMahon began making an additional gift for a scholarship dedicated to a female student who excels in mathematics.  In 2013, Mr. McMahon decided to “level” the playing field at the Prep and is now contributing yet another $1,000 scholarship to be awarded to a male student with strong aptitude in science.  
In addition, Mr. McMahon yearned to introduce our students to one of his passions – investing in the stock market.  Putting his money where his mouth is, Mr. McMahon made a sizeable anonymous donation to our Investment Club.  In the first year, our students worked collectively to research opportunities and then invest actual dollars in the stock market, earning a rate on return of over 18%.  This program is so unique - and our students so successful - that the Wall Street Journal featured a story on the club and its machinations.  Based on this success, and his belief in our student’s abilities, Mr. McMahon made a second donation to the Investment Club, giving our school and its investment club team $18,500 to invest in the market with all proceeds benefiting the Prep.  
Mr. McMahon gives so generously to St. Edmund to honor the memory of his daughter Patricia, a St. Edmund student, who was tragically killed in a car accident during her sophomore year in 1986.  It is said that each life, no matter how brief, forever changes the world.  Mr. McMahon’s wish to encourage our students in their studies – in honor of Patricia – truly empowers our students to change the world.
Mr. McMahon seems to do the impossible while enduring the unimaginable. How lucky are we to count Mr. McMahon, not only as a great benefactor of our school but a revered member of the St. Edmund Prep family.
Mammone Rossi
A proud member of the Class of ’82, Lisa Mammone Rossi was an involved and active leader during her time at St. Edmund High School.  A conscientious, hardworking student, Lisa was selected to the National Honor Society and recognized as the Class Valedictorian.  While she enjoyed the Italian and Social Studies Club, Ms. Mammone Rossi was most engaged as a member of the Student Council, serving as Class President and Student Council President her Senior Year.  Voted Most Likely to Succeed, the yearbook notes Ms. Rossi’s ambition was to attend college, law school and serve as the District Attorney.

Ms. Rossi pursued her dreams at St. John’s University, where she earned both her B.A and Juris Doctor before being admitted to the Bar in 1990.  The majority of her career has been spent at Martyn Toher Martyn & Rossi where she has served as House Counsel for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.   Her numerous professional affiliations include past President of the Nassau/Suffolk Trial Lawyers Bar Association and lecturer for the Nassau Academy of Law and the NYS Bar Association. She enjoys serving as a trial competition judge and evaluator at both her alma mater, St. John’s University and Hofstra University.  

Ms. Rossi joined our Board in 2012 serving for a five year term.  During her tenure, she has provided counsel on a number of critical issues and proven to be a faithful steward of the St. Edmund Prep mission through her dedication and thoughtful service.
New York State Senator Martin J. Golden (22nd District) has served as an ardent advocate for Catholic education. Working with a diverse group of parents, educators, clergy and school choice advocates, Senator Golden delivered a $330 child tax credit for public, private and parochial school students.  He has been a longtime supporter of the St. Edmund Preparatory High School golf outing and has joined us at a number of landmark events including the dedication of our wing and previous Emmaus Society inductions.  
A former New York City Police Officer, he was forced to retire after suffering a serious injury while making a narcotics arrest.  Golden’s distinguished law enforcement career has provided him with the knowledge and experience to make our streets safer.  To that end, he has worked to strengthen Megan’s Law, the New York State sex offender registry, and expand the DNA databank to include all persons convicted of a felony and certain misdemeanors.
The oldest of eight children born to Irish immigrants, Marty Golden knows that working families need tax breaks to help make ends meet.  Through various Senate chairmanships, he has proven to be a true champion of the rights of senior citizens and was named on chair of the Senate Majority Task Force on Critical Choices resulting in a wide array of important legislative initiatives including: the death penalty for cop killers; Granny’s Law to punish criminals who assault senior citizens; an Airline Consumer Protection Bill of Rights; and a number of measures to help reduce the tax burden on New Yorkers, strengthen our economy and create new jobs.
Yet, what distinguishes Marty Golden's career in public service is his emphasis on community service and ability to bring back funding for important community programs including health care, education, transportation, law enforcement and senior citizen programs.Marty Golden attended St. Patrick's and Our Lady of Angels Grammar Schools, New York School of Printing, and John Jay College.
He is a graduate of St. John’s University. Marty and his wife, Colleen, have two children, Michael and P.J.