Welcome Back Students!

Thursday, September 5, 2019 – Freshmen & Sophomores
All freshmen report to school by 8:10am
Freshmen will:
  • Meet their homeroom teachers
  • Receive their MetroCard
  • Walk through their schedules
  • Meet their teachers
  • Get textbooks and receive locker assignments
  • If they have not done so already, students must purchase school locks today; the cost is $7.00
St. Edmund Prep will provide lunch for all freshmen
Freshmen will be dismissed at 2:15pm
All sophomores must report to their homerooms by 8:30am
Sophomores will:
  • Be assigned lockers (Students must use locks purchased through the school)
  • Receive Metrocards
  • Handle schedule checks, changes
  • Attend first level meeting
Sophomores will be dismissed at 10:30am
Friday, September 6, 2019 – All Students
10:00am – All students report directly to their homerooms.
10:30am – Level meetings for Juniors and Seniors
11:30am – Mass of the Holy Spirit
12:30pm – Back to School BBQ – all students are invited to attend rescheduled for Sept. 23rd
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