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Honors Program

Our World Scholars Honors Program (WSHP) recognizes the academic excellence of students with significantly high TACHS scores and academic achievement in grades six through eight.  It is a rigorous and challenging program of study for the highly-motivated and academically-gifted student. Admission to the WSHP is by invitation only.

Participants will be enrolled in a number of honors courses in both their freshman and sophomore years. In junior and senior year, all major subjects will be taken at the Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or St. John's University College Advantage (SJU) Level.

Program Requirements

An International World Scholars Honors Program student in good standing will:

  1. Be a young man/woman of high integrity and strong character
  2. Maintain an average of 80 or greater in all courses at each reporting period.
  3. Actively and consistently participate in an approved St. Edmund Prep athletic or extracurricular activity.

A probationary process will be created for WSHP students not in good standing.

Course Requirements

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

English Honors English Honors
Algebra Honors Geometry Honors
Biology Honors Chemistry Honors
Global History Honors AP European History
Foreign Language Honors Foreign Language Honors
Religious Studies and Music Religious Studies
Physical Education and Studio Art Physical Education and Health
Computer Technology  


Junior Year

  • All major subjects must be taken at the Honors, AP, IB, or SJU level.
  • Elective courses may be taken at any level.

Senior Year

  • All major subjects must be taken at the Honors, AP, IB or SJU level.
  • At least one full-year (or two half year) elective course(s) must be taken at the Honors, AP, IB or SJU level. Students having completed the highest-level foreign language course in Junior Year may enroll in a new foreign language Honors course.

Important Notes

  • Students who earn Regents credit in the 7th or 8th grade may seek advanced standing in those subject areas as freshman.
  • Freshman may opt to take Introduction to Band in place of the standard Music/Art requirement.
  • WSHP students are encouraged during their freshman year to apply to participate in the Exchange Program between SEP and our sister/brother schools in Salisbury, England. The exchange takes place during the sophomore year.
  • WSHP students may opt at the end of their sophomore year to become a full International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma candidate.
  • WSHP students are encouraged to participate in the Travel Study program offered during their junior and/or senior year.