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The Emmaus Society

In honor of our 75th Anniversary in April 2007, St. Edmund Prep established the Emmaus Society. The Society honors those individuals who have had a profound positive impact on the St. Edmund Community and for their role in building the St. Edmund High School of yesterday and transforming the St. Edmund Preparatory High School of today.

Emmaus Society Inductees

Class of 2018
John P. Lorenzetti
William J. McMahon P '89, '90
Lisa Mammone Rossi, Esq. '82
Hon. Martin J. Golden
Class of 2016
Rev. Edward Brophy
Ken & Ann MacBride P '13, '15, '16 '16
John Masini P '16
Donald Ritter
Class of 2013
James P. Benson
Mabel H. Chin
Blase J. Davie
James F. McElroy, Jr.
James Wilkens, Esq. P '03
Rev. Msgr. Thomas F. Noonan
Class of 2007
The Dominican Sisters of Sparkill
Josephine Probo
Martha Artese Militano '66
Marie Dunn Lennon '66
Patricia McLoughlin Cook '68
Jane Margotta Marino '69
Joan Hodges P '69, GP '91, '93, GGP '08