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Academic Support

Part of the St. Edmund mission is to ensure that all students are educated according to their needs. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that students who need extra help reach out to those in the St. Edmund Prep community to ensure success.

Elevate Study Sensai Activity Packet

This activity packets helps to reinforce the study and note taking skills introduced to students during the Elevate Education development sessions.

NHS Peer Tutoring

We encourage all students to reach out to their teachers for extra support, guidance and tutoring. In addition the National Honor Society offers peer tutoring. Peer tutoring is an excellent and flexible way for a student to receive guidance in a subject from an upperclassman who has mastered that particular subject.  Peer tutoring can be scheduled on a student by student basis. Pick up a form in Room 400 before or after school to register.


Faculty Office Hours

Each faculty member maintains regular office hours to meet with students who are looking for assistance. This is an excellent opportunity for students to meet with their teachers, ask for help, review areas where the student is struggling, and communicate with each other. Students can check with their individual teachers for a current office hour schedule.