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The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is a comprehensive and balanced 2-year college-preparatory curriculum which requires students to study across all disciplines. It provides flexibility to accommodate student interest and abilities and utilizes international standards.

The aims of the IB Diploma Programme are to provide an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education and promote international understanding. The programme seeks to educate the whole person by developing inquiry and thinking skills, and the capacity to reflect upon and to evaluate actions critically.

One unique quality of the programme is the variety of assessment tools. This consists of an in-class assessment (class grades), internal assessment (portfolio, projects, in-depth study) which comprises a percentage of the exam grade, and an external assessment (formal examination).

There are numerous advantages for students who take the IB Diploma Programme. It is recognized internationally as a standard for college admissions; students have the possibility of earning college credit; scholarship opportunities can increase; skills and knowledge will help students be more prepared for college; IB students generally are better prepared and outperform other students in college. 

The IB Diploma Programme is geared towards students who are looking for a challenge, are motivated, enthusiastic learners, are capable of an accelerated pace of learning, and who have a strong work ethic, energy, and self-discipline. 

In their Junior and Senior years students are required to take classes and comprehensive exams in six major subject areas including English, Foreign Language, History, Science, Math. The sixth area is devoted to elective courses. In addition to these courses, the students must also take a course called the Theory of Knowledge, they must write an extended essay of approximately 4000 words on a topic of their choosing and they must complete 150 hours of service to their school and/or community.

For more information about the IB Diploma Programme, visit the IBO Website, or contact our IB Programme Coordinator, Ms. Crissa Kostadaras.