Meet Bethany '23

Name: Bethany Goeller '23
Neighborhood: Sheepshead Bay

What activities do you participate in at St. Edmund Prep?: Theater, Photography Club, SEP Ambassadors     
What are your favorite classes?: English 9 Honors and IB History of the Americas
What is your most memorable moment at SEP?: The Annual Dig Pink teachers versus students volleyball game. I love everyone wearing pink and gym filling up all of the bleachers, watching the step team perform and watching the varsity team face the faculty. The energy in the room is amazing, everyone is screaming and laughing and having the best time while raising money for a great cause.
What does it mean to be an SEP Eagle?: Being an Eagle means being a part of something bigger then yourself. It means being involved at school joining clubs, going to games, and participating in events. It means helping others, whether that's a teacher after school,  a friend who's struggling in a class, or doing a service opportunity like midnight run. Being an eagle at SEP is not being afraid to be bold, put yourself out there, and engage in the school community.     

What impact has being a student at SEP made on your life?: Prior to high school I was always an outsider but since I've been a student here I've really felt at home. The students, teachers, and staff are so kind and loving. Everyone gathers together at games and events, we serve together, we laugh together we do so much more than just learn in the same building. Joining this community has given me a real sense of family, another place to call home and memories that will stay with me forever.