Meet Jenna '23

Name: Jenna Ahern '23
Neighborhood: Midwood, Brooklyn NY
What activities do you participate in at St. Edmund Prep?: Theater, Art Club, SEP Ambassadors
What are your favorite classes?: Studio Art, and English

What is your most memorable SEP experience?: My art classes and the art club have been a significant part of my St. Edmund Prep experience. Art has been an essential part of my social experience at SEP. I love collaborating with my peers and getting to express our creativity together as a community.

What does it mean to be an Eagle?: To be an eagle is to be an understanding and motivated individual. Not only do you strive to succeed as a student, you strive to have empathy and compassion for others.     
What impact has being a student at SEP made on your life?: Being a student at SEP has introduced me to so many new people and experiences. I've found interests that I wouldn't have been exposed to and made friends I wouldn't have been able to know if I wasn't here.