Meet Jaiden '23

Name: Jaiden Cavallo   

Neighborhood: Park Slope          

Activities: Varsity Ice Hockey, Theater, SEP Ambassadors

Favorite Classes: AP European History

Most memorable SEP Moment: Joining the Hockey Team. Hockey has allowed me to make connections with so many different parts of the SEP Family. From my coaches to my teammates, these connections have made me feel at home. They have given me someone to go to for support, encouraged me to be my best self, and developed my sense of personal responsibility in all that I do each day.

What does it mean to be an Eagle? Being an Eagle means you are part of a family that consists of every single student, teacher, and staff member. As members of that family, we look out for one another, we care for one another, and lift each other up.

What impact has being a student at SEP made on your life?: SEP has made me a more academically well-rounded, and spiritually aware person through opportunities that I never thought I would have.  My experiences with outreach and service have opened my eyes to what it means to truly care for one another - being men and women for others.