Meet Eric '24

Name: Eric Gardiner '24
Neighborhood: Kensington, Brooklyn

Activities: SEP Ambassadors, Board Game Club, Student Council, Orchestra, Yearbook
Favorite Classes: Biology with Mr. Musarella-Conti, Spanish 1 and 2 with Mr Udiel and Mr Lisboa, Chemistry with Ms. Sullivan, and English 10 with Ms K.
Most memorable SEP Moment: Freshman Year Walk-a-thon pizza party. This is my first memory of real community among our class. We had just come off our first Walk-a-thon and were able to spend time together and have fun getting to know each other. The entire experience just felt very natural and comfortable. I knew that I was officially a member of a wonderful community.

What does it mean to be an Eagle: An eagle is someone who takes risks, and works hard, while working and helping our school community and people. 

What impact has being a student at SEP made on your life?: Being a student at SEP made me a more hard-working, and collaborative person. We do a lot of paired work. Whether that is by design or organically, each day we work together to ensure that we understand what we are learning, supporting each other.