Sneaker Design Workshop Hosted by SCAD

Michael Mack was the main presenter. During his presentation he talked about the sneaker having its moment right now as sneakers connect to all of us. He spoke about the ins and outs of the sneaker design market, the field of industrial design  and product design theory. Then spoke about the idea of figuring out a vision and working it through the production process. He showed SEP students digital design images of his SCAD students sneaker designs then showed them the actual shoe. Students discussed many styles of sneaker design through sportswear and street style to runway fashion and museum exhibitions. The session introduced students to VR-technology, 3D-scanning, and 3D-printing techniques used in the footwear production process. From there students were challenged to use sneaker patters to 'sculpt' their ideas and create unique and fully customizable sneaker designs. This was innovation and making at its best!
Special thank you to Carmela Spinelli '73, SCAD Fashion Historian, who organized this workshop and facilitated the event.
SCAD Sneaker Design Workshop