Career Day Inspires Students

St. Edmund Prep's approach to career day is interest driven. Students choose from twenty different presentations are are programmed to attend three sessions. Speakers covered topics such as educational requirements, job opportunities and potential for advancement and growth. Students also took the opportunity to ask questions regarding their fields of interest and think about their ambitions for the future.

Special thank you to Mrs. Joanne Blum, Director of Development, Mr. Michael Leahy, Ms. Althea Sullivan '16, and Fr. Mark Amatrucola, co for their hard work in coordinating career day! 

Career Day Photos -

We are most grateful to our presenters whose presence with us and personal sacrifice made career day possible!

Maire Buckley '09 - Criminal Justice/Financial Crimes
Kamilah Prince P '26 - Respiratory Therapist
James Palinkas '12 - Engineering
Demetri JeanLouis '12 - Fashion
Lydia Kelly-Wiggan P '20, '23 - Social Work
Dorothy DiToro P'22 - Audiology/Speech Path
Zachary Wade '10 - Iron Worker
Thomas Perone '99 - Culinary Arts/Small Business Owner
Meagan MacBride '13 - Nurse/Nurse Educator
Carol Castillo-Frucher '94 - Media/Marketing Sales
Amina Ragheb '02 - Television Producer
Olivier Auguste '11 - Marketing Management
Dr. Eve Stuper Benvenuti '76 - Doctor
Carmela Spinelli '73 & Brett Sherman - Creative Careers
Michael Hendry '04 - Education
Filippo Gugliara '08 - Police Officer
Dr. Jennifer Smith-Mulholland P '24 - Psychologist
Alicia Stankiewicz '14  - Occupational Therapist
J.T. Plant '03 - Firefighter/Nurse
Giuseppe Badalamenti '09 - Finance
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