New Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Installed at Ascension Thursday Mass

Accompanied by their families,  Michael Lauriat '24 and Kayla Jordan '24 were blessed and commissioned by Fr. Michael Gribbon, Chaplain. In their new roles, they will assist with the distribution of Communion during school masses as well as bringing Holy Communion to members of their home parish communities.
In his homily, Fr. Mike asked us to look at how we too ascend, rise, in our own lives.
"In completing his work on earth, Jesus was ready to take his place with his father in heaven. So he ascends, he goes up, he rises. Jesus experiences a sense of accomplishment, he did what he came to do and he did it perfectly. He gave everything, he gave, he taught, he preached, he did everything that was asked of him. And so ascended to his next place, which is in heaven at the right hand of the throne of God. As we celebrate his ascension, we ask the question 'How am I ascending in my own life? How am I moving to a new place in my life each day as we complete the work we are called to do each day? Am I moving to a new way of loving, serving, and being ourselves in our community here?"
The Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Michael Tedone from St. Bernard Parish. Assisting at the Mass was Deacon Andy Ciccaroni, Director of Campus Ministry.