SEP Takes on Princeton Model Congress

Together with the help the non-traveling members of the team, they showed up on Thursday the 19th ready for the challenge. Among the country’s elite students from private schools stood our delegation proud in their purple and white. The eight students assumed their roles as Representatives and Senators and fought for the bills they drafted the weeks before the competition. Bills ranging from the introduction to a new type of nuclear energy to taming the actions of China in the South China sea to amending Obamacare and reenacting postal banking, the SEP students were nothing but spectacular as they defended their bills and managed to get six of their eight passed in their individual committees.

From there the students moved on to Full House and Senate meetings there the merits of proposed bills were debated in a large group setting. The SEP team waved their placards high and voiced their pros and cons whenever given the opportunity. All eight made their voices heard by giving passionate speeches and sound advice regarding the constitutionality of the bills.

For four days, these young men and women assumed the role of policy makers and took that knowledge with them on a tour of the Capitol building provided by Charles Schumer’s office. Seeing government in action was an experience these students will never forget and will motivate them as they get ready for Harvard Model Congress in February 2016. 
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