IB/AP Art Visits Chelsea Art Galleries

Students in the College Art and IB Visual Arts classes, Mr. Fama and Deacon Ron Rizzuto,  joined together to visit several art galleries in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. The weather cooperated on this cool, sunny day as the group went from gallery to gallery, mostly on West 25th street. “There are hundreds of galleries in the area and we couldn’t get to all of them”, explained Mr. Fama. “We were only able to see about fifteen to twenty of them before having to return home.”

The gallery visits tied in perfectly with the requirements of the IB program in that there is an emphasis on viewing art first-hand, as opposed to seeing reproductions in books or on the internet. It also serves the IB student well to communicate directly with artists, and the visits to the
galleries allow easier avenues to make those connections.

The group ate lunch together at Chelsea Square Restaurant on 9th Avenue and 23rd Street before returning to West 25th Street to see more galleries. On the way back to take the subway home, everyone walked through the FIT campus and stopped in their museum which featured an exhibit on Denim. After the obligatory group photo taken in front of the sculpture at 7th Ave. and W. 27th Street, the students walked to the other corner to view a very unique looking exhibit that was being installed within the FIT gallery.

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