Fall Sports Meetings

Girls' JV and Varsity Softball (girls in grades 9-12) - 9:00 am 
Boys' JV and Varsity Baseball (boys in grades 9-10) - 12:00 pm
Boys' Soccer (boys in grades 9-12) - 11:00 am 
Girls' Soccer (girls in grades 9-12) - 11:00 am 
Girls' Tennis (girls in grades 9-12) - 10:00 am
Cross Country Track (boys and girls in grades 9-12) - 10:00 am 
Girls' JV Volleyball (girls in grades 9-10) – 12:30 pm 
Girls' Varsity Volleyball (girls in grades 11-12) – 12:30 pm
Step (girls in grades 9-12) - 12:00 pm 
Cheerleading (girls in grades 9-12) – 2:30 pm
Boys’ Hockey (boys in grades 9-12) – 12:30 pm
Golf (boys and girls in grades 9-12) – 11:30 am 

Try-outs will begin for some of these teams on Monday, August 22nd.  Further information will be provided at the meetings.  If you have any questions, please call the athletic office at (718) 743-6100 x5029 or x5017. 

A new sports physical and blue card is required before try-outs; the medical examination must have been conducted within the past year.  The sports medical form can be downloaded here. Nurse DeMello will be available on Thursday, 8/11 and most other Thursdays during the summer between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm for students to get new blue cards.  Students will not be permitted to try-out for a sport without first obtaining a blue card from the Nurse.
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