2017-2018 Course Selection

Here is a brief outline of the course selection process:
  1. Level meetings will take place on Tuesday, March 7th, where the course selection process will be outlined with the students.  Each student will receive a course selection sheet which serves as a guide to assist them in determining which courses they can and must take next year.
  2. Our course catalog contains course descriptions, course prerequisites, and graduation requirements. Students and parents/guardians are highly encouraged to review the course catalog together and have a discussion about enrolling in courses that are both challenging and enhance their academic profile.
  3. Students will make their course selection requests through HomeLogic. The request system will open Tuesday, March 7th and remain open until Monday, March 13th.
  4. At the end of the HomeLogic course request process, students must print the generated summary report. Then students must see their subject teachers to obtain approval signatures for the requests they have made. Once all teachers have signed the sheet, a parent/guardian is required to also sign this sheet.
  5. On Tuesday, March 14th, both the course selection sheet and the signed HomeLogic summary sheet are due in your student’s homeroom.
  6. The Guidance Counselors will be meeting individually with students to discuss their course selection in-depth from mid-March until mid-April.
As a parent/guardian, what questions should I ask of my student?
We encourage all parents/guardians to be actively involved in the course selection process.  Your help and guidance is important during this time for your student.  We recommend, during your discussions, you ask the following questions:
  1. How many credits are you required to take next year?
  2. How many credits overall do you need to graduate? Does it look like you are on track to complete all of the required courses on time?
  3. What courses are you required to take next year year?
  4. Do you have room for elective courses in your schedule?
  5. What topics/subjects interest you? Are you thinking about a college major or career path? Are there elective courses available that could help in those areas?
  6. Have you considered taking courses at a higher level, such as Honors, AP, IB, and/or college courses?
To whom should I speak concerning scheduling questions?
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