SAT Prep Course

Class Schedule

  • October 17th - 2:50-3:50PM
  • October 24th - 2:50-3:50PM
  • October 26th - 2:50-4:50PM
  • November 2nd - 2:50-4:50PM
  • November 7th - 2:50-3:50PM
  • November 9th - 2:50-4:50PM
  • November 14th - 2:50-3:50PM
  • November 21st - 2:50-3:50PM
  • November 27th - 2:50-3:50PM
  • November 30th - 2:50-4:50PM


The cost of the course is $475, which includes all materials for the course. When registering, there is a $75 deposit. We accept cash, check, or credit card. The balance will be due before the November 21st class. The cost covers pre- and post-tests, diagnostic evaluations during the classes, and an SAT book.

How to Register

To register download the registration form below and return it to the Main Office no later than Friday, October 13th along with the deposit.


If there any questions, please call Mr. Wagner at 718-743-6100 x5058 or email him.

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