The Innovation Center

St. Edmund Prep has partnered with 1100 ARCHITECT in New York, NY to transform the current art gallery's four small rooms into one large, open, and airy space for creating. With glass walls, whiteboards, and movable furniture, the Innovation Center will let students see learning in action. The collaborative setting will encourage students to come in, play, design, ask questions, or just sit and watch. The Innovation Center will host our robotics team as well as classes in engineering, math, art, and design. All classes, across disciplines, will be encouraged to engage the Innovation Center as a place to facilitate project-based learning where we will teach and empower students to collaborate, create, and find solutions.
By The Numbers
Design and Construction $590,000
Project Management $  54,000
Furniture and Equipment $156,000
Total $800,000
Expanding Horizons, Opening Possibilities
We invite you to join us in building this exciting new facility where student ideas will take shape and imaginations will soar. Your support for the Innovation Center will turn these plans into reality, ensuring that St. Edmund persists in its mission of preparing graduates with the knowledge, skills, and passion to flourish in college and make a profound difference in the world.
Together, we can ensure that a St. Edmund Prep education is full STEAM ahead, focused on the future.