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Summer Outreach Project

"Let us love God, my sisters and brothers, let us love God. But let it be with the strength of our arms and the sweat of our brow.” - St. Vincent de Paul

In 2010, we were searching for more opportunities for our students to give service and to put their faith into action.  We were introduced to the staff at the St. Vincent de Paul Young Adult Center in Philadelphia, PA. The Vincentian mission of service to the poor is one of love – love of neighbor and love of God.  This closely parallels St. Edmund Prep’s own charism – Caritas.  Along with a rigorous academic program, St. Edmund Prep strives to provide our young men and women with opportunities to live this charism – to put our faith into action.  Some of life’s most important lessons are not learned inside of a classroom.


Students can participate in a five day immersive service experience in Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood. Throughout the week, service projects are varied and offer a glimpse into the lives of those who are in need in some way. Students might find themselves playing with entertaining children, playing BINGO or putting a jigsaw puzzle together at the local daycare center for adults, serving lunch and visiting with clients at a homeless shelter, helping the local Catholic elementary school clean their building, doing physical labor with a local non-profit contractor, or sorting clothing at a local thrift store. 


Each day begins and ends with prayer. Each participant is encouraged to reflect on the day's work and how they experienced and shared God's Love with those they met. Year after year, our students leave the experience changed and with a new understanding of God’s love and how it can be found in the generosity of others.


For more information, contact Director of Campus Ministry, Deacon Andrew Ciccaroni

“Summer outreach was one of the most eye-opening and enriching experiences of my life. It made me appreciate all that I have been given; it helped me to discover a charitable part of me that I never knew existed. It brought out compassion and a desire to give to and help those who need it the most.”

- Madeline Mule '14