Student Council

A Student Council by its nature is a group of students elected by a given constituency of fellow students. Every student in the school has a voice in student affairs through a representative. The Student Council provides an effective voice for students when it makes a commitment to represent all student groups in the school, has a clear perception of its role within the total school program and defines its objectives in such a way that they can be understood and accepted by students, faculty and administration. If the understanding and acceptance are mutual, there is no limit to the contributions that students can make to their education through the Student Council.
The St. Edmund Prep Student Council strives to establish good representation of the student body through a year-long effort in five basic areas:
  • maintaining an open membership policy
  • scheduling a wide variety of activities
  • developing communication with students
  • maintaining a respectable council image
  • participating in community meetings whenever possible
Elections to the Council take place in late Spring after numerous meetings with interested individuals who wish to assume a leadership role in the school. The Student Council Meets weekly, usually Wednesday afternoons at dismissal. These meetings are open to all members of the Prep, Administration, Faculty, staff and students. It is at these meetings that issues can be raised for consideration.